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Glacier National Park

Glacier might very well be the most beautiful of America's national parks. John Muir called it "the best care-killing scenery on the continent." The mountains are steep, snowcapped, and punctuated by stunning mountain lakes and creeks. Much of the land remains wild and pristine, a result of its remote location and the lack of visitation in the 19th century.

"Far away in northwestern Montana, hidden from view by clustering mountain peaks, lies an unmapped corner?the Crown of the Continent." --George Bird Grinnell

Glacier National Park facts

Acreage 1,013,322 acres
Elevation in Feet 0 ft.
Miles of Trail 0 mi.
Number of Campsites 923
Climate Temperate
Year Founded 1910
Annual Visitor Count 2,338,528
Number of Animal Species 300
Entry Fee $12.00
× Snow Warning! Be sure to pack snow shoes!.


High: 40F

Low: 27F

High: 43F

Low: 31F

High: 40F

Low: 28F

High: 34F

Low: 24F

High: 32F

Low: 25F